Ejoyment Test


On the side of our Enjoyment test Richard and Paul might have been a bit too harsh with our game as our review scores were lower then the person we asked to do the enjoyment test but to another extent Richard and Paul could have been being realistic dew to how much of a nice audience the target audience for our game could have been. Mainly the areas of Concentration, Challenge, Clear Goals, Feedback, and Immersion. Were numbers improved from our review of player enjoyment to the guests.




Marketing Opportunities- As a group we decided that the best course of action for Brightworld would be to try develop a fan base over time. We would do this by having the first chapter free in the game and slowly release game chapters over a few months. This would create engagement over the games release and hopefully would create a dedicated fandom for Brightworld.
Attracting potential market- Too convince potential buyers we would have a social media campaign mostly focusing on gameplay aspects and leaking some locations in the game along with a trailer for the game when the game releases and we would continue doing this for each chapter we release. This we hope would create adequate hype for the game before and jurying our game release.
“DISCOVER Brightworld’s Unique World and People”
“In Brightworld Your Choices Effect EVERYTHING, So Choose Wisely”
“Save Your Son or Destroy the World, It Your Choice, You DECIDE”
Genera: A Metroidvania, Point and Click, Moral adventure game.




Our game will appeal to the targeted audience because its a self-reflecting game and were targeting such a unique group.
Blood is male specific and the rest is pretty neutral. The game in general is gender neutral, because a karma and decision-based game fits for both: male and female.

Discussion review
So after our discussion this was the main points brought up on the matter of our game and presentation.
1. Be careful of length of presentation and explaining our game.
2. We bring up menu UX but have nothing to show for it yet.
3. We need to consider some sort of edge of map.
On the matter of presentation length that we are quite aware of and we will be working on that in the comeing weeks. The menu UX is currently being actively worked on so hopefully we will have that complete in the next week or two and most defiantly we will have to consider the edge of map and we have discussed three possible solutions that we will discuss over the following weeks.
-Loop the map- Very Carman Sandiego
-Block the path until certain elements have been achieved- Somewhat Point and click/Metroidvania inspired.
-Time and Ability orientated- A lot more Metroidvania inspired.

Story & World


So for the storyboard development we discussed as a group the situation and why our character would be in the such locations and why our charter is involved in this area. This helped us figure out a simple structure per area along with our overall plot of why our character is exploring our game world.

Area Structure
Countryside (Investigate)-> Town/City (Inquire)->Problem (Action)->Resolve (Progress to main goal)

Main Plot
You decide to be nice to a homeless guy and invite him to your home for a nice meal as your preparing the meal you’re hearing your wife and child scream. After you get your revenge on the homeless guy with evil intent, you take his split pendent around his neck and it whispers to you, ‘’Do you want to save your daughter or do you want to destroy the world? Resurrect me and I will grant you what you seek’’ and so with the pendent in your hands the world is yours.

Area Arcs
Some examples of Choice, Morels and Visited areas.
Field/Farm: Evil cows chase you down or Evil genetic farmer and talking cow choose what to do.
Forest: Poison the village dog that protects the chief or not.
Beach: Litter and waste themed.

Interaction Design
We are slowly developing the UX to go over the game but it will always have a gauge for your karma and a gauge for the world karma along with access to craft with the current items you have and that is being actively developed on. But we discussed that there will be always four choices when given a choice in the game. We also worked on so that the craft system could help unlock better or worst choices depending on what you pick up and craft in the world.

Objective of Game
The Objective of our game is to give people choices and see what they do and make with their choices to make and teach morels in individuals around the world. In game its your choice to save the world or save your son maybe both could be possible let you choose the world you want.



World impressions
These pictures are our creative inspiration for the different areas we create.


Worlds and Characters


So, before we made the storyboards we wanted to understand where in the world would the game be taking place as that would dictate what type of people would the player be interacting with. We did this because we wanted Jasmin to nail down the locations the game could possibly take place in. This has helped us nail down what type of people would live in such locations for our game and thus who would our character be interacting with which will help with the storyboards next week.


Elevator Pitch


Continous Work
Jasmin is working on concept Arts
Carina on the UI
Richard on the Elevator Pitch
Paul is working on the Game Concept Document

First UI Design
WhatsApp Image 2017-11-07 at 11.48.55

Elevator Pitch
We want to create a gaming experience that makes you think about the world we live in and how your actions can change our world for the best or for the worst. We hope to achieve this by having the world be interactable and having the world change with the choices you make. We hope players would see the similarities to our world and be incentivised to play our game.

Basic Story & Logo Update


So we decided to make our logo background by ourself in order to not get copyright problem and for better resolution.
This is our new logo, it can be scaled very large.

Pananas Ink. Logo

We nailed down our basic story concept.
The game starts with creating your own character, by selecting your preffered bodyparts.

You’re a good guy and you invite a homless guy to your home for some food. The dinner is a complete disaster the homeless kills your family. Out of vengence you kill the homeless guy. In this moment you accomplish the ability to see the red smoke, which is represents evil, even tough it has always been there. The smoke originates from the corpse of the homeless. Now you decide either to make the world a better place or to inflict revenge onto the world.

Market Analysis
Karma. Incarnation 1. is the only game for mobile devices that is similar to ours. It is also a point & click styled indie adventure game where you are in control of little monters and aim for Yin & Yang. There are good and bad creature, but all of them are very cute, they need to find their opposite good creature.

This award-winning game pretty popular with more than 100 thousand downloads on the Google Play Store and the rating 4.5 out of 5.

The biggest difference to our game is either the fact, that Bright World is based on the real world with human beeings or that it is 16+ compared to Karma. Incarnation 1. which is only 3+ and made for children.

Bright World will be a big seller for the publisher, because it has a thrilling story which you can influence and at the same time it teaches you morals. There is not such a game out there yet.

Target Group Analysis
We want our target group to be any person (preferably 16+ because of the content/ visuals of the game) who is interested not in the politics of our world but why it seems the world might be going a bit crazy currently and also how the choices of people in a(/our) world can affect the world. This is because we want the players of our game to think of their actions in the game world and our world and hopefully these actions will help teach morels in the people who are interested.
I would hope the audience would play it when they’re at home and have time to think when their playing the game because your actions effect the world and thinking is very important in our game.


Carmen is a student, who deals with ethics and morality in her studies. She loves to be outside, but sometimes she loves to play some games, she  is a very open minded person, who knows exactly what she wants. Carmen criticises the behavior of the new generation, they are all kind of rude. When do you reach the limit? – What is good, what is evil? In which situation changes your attitude, when only a few parameters change? These are the questions on her mind.

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash


Max is 28 years old, he is a philosophy-master-student and is very interessted in the developing world and how the wolrd changes currently and changes generationaly. His second passion is to analyses human behavior in different situations. He is planning a family and is worried about who his children would be in thirty years time. Now he is looking for some opportunities to understand the changing world we live in.andrew-robles-300868

Photo by Andrew Robles on Unsplash

Concept Art

While the market analysis was been developed, Jasmin was creating the first concepts of the game world.
This is the first mood impression of the world (~75% evil). The tree is almost dead and the red fog is spreading. There are multiple layers in this 2.5D game which can be animated independently. (like blinking stars, moving smoke, wind through the grass, etc.)

Bright World


Game Producer/Manager: Paul Schumann

Game Artist/Modeler: Jasmin Kiegerl

Game Programmer/Designer: Carina Rieder

Game Analyst/Tester: Richard Cross

Working Title: Bright World

Finally we decided which game we want to develop/create.
There is a rotatable world that is divided in half. One side is the perfect world where everything is spotless. There is no pollution, it’s a dream world like Disney-World. On the other hand, there is the dark side, which is very scary. Monsters and other evil creatures live here.
Bright World is a 2D-styled game. The game is about karma, logical consequence or difficult decisions to make. Every single decision will influence your Karma. You have to work on yourself, your attitude and views on sensitive topics.

If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself!

Target Audience
The Target audience of our game is going to be 16+. This is because we want some freedom when it comes to morels and how our character is portrayed in the game as their choices affect the world and how the world might get Karma back at them throughout the game. This might mean blood and grit but time will tell how effective the game will be teaching morels.

Currently the game is a 2D metroidvania with a strategy karma system with point and click elements. We are deliberating on whether to include a combat system and whether to make the game more Tell-tale inspired or Mark Of The Ninja/Dishonoured inspired.

Forming our Team


This is our first entry. First, we have formed our team based on our strengths and weaknesses. After our first brainstorming session, we decided our companyname was Pananas Ink.. Immediately we went to our next topic: Comming up with our Logo. We experimented with a few ideas and let our designers finalize the logo for the following session.

Other Companynames: Creative Owl, Future Sphere, Forest ferry, pink lemon designs, pink coconut productions, Trndsttr dsgns, etc. Designs, etc.